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A little background on myself!

With a father that owned and operated a video store, Hubert Tran was introduced to film early on his childhood. The ones who struck a deep chord within Hubert were the actors Tony Leung, Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung. It was not until Hubert was in his mid teens that he finally decided to pursue acting as a full time career.

His first opportunity came when he was presented with an idol contest held annually by a local Chinese radio station, Fairchild Radio. The contest was called Sunshine Boyz and Hubert eventually won the competition. Riding off that accomplishment, Hubert made the decision to move to Hong Kong in hopes of realizing his dream of starring in Hong Kong films. Shortly after landing, Hubert was introduced to the Cantopop singer Elanne Kong and was quickly cast as the love interest in her debut music video Big Eyes. Soon after, Hubert managed to get a speaking role in the film Single Blog. Within that same year, Hubert auditioned for Mr. Hong Kong and was invited into TVB's prestigious Artiste Training program.

Armed with a taste of the entertainment industry, Hubert decided to return to Toronto and enroll into the Acting for Film and Television program at Humber College and graduated in 2011. Since then, Hubert has made a mark in North America with credits in director Guillermo Del Toro's latest flick Pacific Rim shot in Toronto. In addition to the comic turned television series XIII starring Stuart Townsend and Aisha Tyler to name a few. As an actor who is passionate about his Asian-Canadian roots, he is also the lead actor in the webseries Millions. (www.millionstheseries.com) Follow him on Twitter @HubertTran.

my work



Hyde and Seek
12 Monkeys
Operation Insanity
Hell on Wheels
Saving Hope
From Love
Lan Kwai Fong 3
My Ex-Ex
Kootenay Ridge
XIII: The Series
Pacific Rim
The Chameleon
Millions the Series Pilot
Youth Shelter Pilot
Elanne Kong: Big Eyes (Music Video)
Single Blog
Pressure to Play


NBCUniversal/Dir: Daneil Nettheim
USA/Dir: Silver Tree
Syfy/Dir: David Grossman
CCI Entertainment/Eric Canuel
AMC/Dir: Tim Southam
Dir: John Fawcett
3rd Culture Creative/Dir: Willson Wong
Mei Ah Entertainment/Dir: Wilson Chin
Dir: Nathaniel Warsh
CFC/Gloria Kim
Showcase/Prodigy Pictures/Various
Legendary Pictures/Guillermo del Toro
Dir: Goran Kalezic
Dir: Andrew & Melanie Chung
Dir: Tony del Rio
Universer Entertainment (HK)
Century Creator Co., LTD
Dir: Silver Kim


Our Town

As Cast
As Cast

TVB (Hong Kong)
TVB (Hong Kong)


Humber College: Acting for Film and Television Graduate
Acting: John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Dixie Seattle, Lewis Baumander, Director Mark Mak (Hong Kong)
Auditioning: Lynne Cormack, Michael Caruana
Acting Fundamentals: Sears and Switzer
Basic Stunt Work and Stage Combat: Trained by Steve Wilsher and certified by John Stead
Beijing Olympic Commentator Training: TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited Hong Kong)
Dance and Movement: Vivian Moore
Improvisation: Alan Gutman
Le Jeu: Sonia Norris
Modeling: Richard Ha
Singing: Diana Yampolsky, John Tayles
Voice: Lynn Woodman, Catherine Marrion
Voice Over: Roland Parliament

Special Skills

Badminton, Basketball, Dance (Hip Hop, Salsa, Waltz), Driving (Auto), Fishing
Languages (Fluent in English, Cantonese, Conversational Mandarin, Teochew Dialect), Skiing and Snowboarding, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball

Download Resume: Hubert Tran - Oldfield/Echelon (PDF) *Updated on July 2016


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