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The Brutal Truth

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Here’s an honest entry. I’m going to be a little vulnerable here and open up. I have been lazy. The thought of updating my site was such an overwhelming feeling that I felt discouraged every time I thought about it. It wasn’t until I finally decided to put my foot down and updated EVERYTHING I’ve done in the past couple years. What have I been up to? Well, I moved to Hong Kong for a year since I was discouraged by the lack of work in Canada. I also came back several months ago because I realized Hong Kong wasn’t for me anymore. Passion killing in some sense. It’s been reinvigorated lately due to pilot season! It’s funny how things work. It was the moment I decided to finally update my website that jump started everything. I became proactive and in doing so, not only did I update my website, I managed to edit my own demo reel. I then proceeded to have my business cards designed and printed off. I started nailing my auditions. I’ve even set up a couple meetings that could possibly take me on a new adventure. Had I not updated any of my work, these meetings would not have been possible. I am feeling way more confident about being an actor so long as I stay proactive. The problem, and here’s the part where I have to be brutally honest here, was me. I felt entitled. I felt that I was some hot shot coming out of acting school that deserved every part. When I didn’t get the part, I was offended and blamed others and not myself. These last couple years have been enlightening for me. I’m glad I made the trip to Hong Kong only to realize it wasn’t for me. Coming back was a choice. I was getting work but it wasn’t work I wanted to be doing my entire life. There’s a power in that. That I wanted to do it my way. I don’t know if it was the right decision but I’m going with my gut on this one.


Just Telling a Story…

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The web series/feature I worked on back in Toronto is finally wrapping up it’s Toronto run tonight! Our mission statement? Telling a story. That’s it. It just so happens that the main cast is comprised of only Asian Canadians. Interested? Check out the interview with the director Andrew and his sister Melanie Chung chatting about Millions! Two weeks from now Millions will be making it’s online premier! I’ll post a link then!

CBC’s Our Toronto feature on Millions with Marivel Taruc


Being positive.

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It’s tough being an actor. Work is never guaranteed. Money could be tight. People often don’t take you seriously. So why pursue it right? Well…a simple answer would be that I rather be doing this than working in an office (I applaud people who can. It’s just not for me). What people often mistakenly do is assume that actors have it good and that we only work a couple days a month and that’s it. WRONG! We’re ALWAYS on the clock. The successful ones in my opinion.


Finally, an update!

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So I must apologize for the lack of blog entries. Work and life in general has been keeping me occupied for the past couple months.

So what has happened since my last entry? Well my good friend Sarah Lian scored a big role on the show XIII! The same show I’m starring in! She also booked a couple of other big roles for different shows so I’m really excited for her. She’s on fire!

As for me, I just had my season wrap for XIII. The writers have been very generous to me and have been trying to give me a bigger role in the series. I’m just happy to say that I have been a working actor for the past several months! I have no idea when the second season will be out but I’m really excited to see all that footage put together. I’ve heard that I should be back in season 3 so I’m crossing my fingers!

Here’s a picture of me in costume.